Business Automation Systems Case Study - Heritage International Ministries

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The restoration of the heart of the property once known as Heritage USA by Heritage International Ministries has been a formidable task. While the restoration of the facility has been going on, Climate Control of Charlotte has been hard at work restoring the Fort Mill SC HVAC system at the former Grand Hotel, Main Street Shoppes, and Conference Center. In 2006, an Asic direct digital control system was installed by Climate Control to control the HVAC system at H.I.M.
The control system is comprised of 78 Asic 1/8655 Controllers, 8 Asic 2/8540 Controllers, and 1 Asic 2/8040 Controller. The system runs 78 package units and heat pumps, 14 boilers, 2 loop pumps, and a cooling tower. The controllers communicate using half-duplex RS-485 communication.
charlotte hvac digital controls
Web Capabilities
A secure website allows access to Heritage's control system from anywhere in the world. This website allows setpoints to be changed, schedules to be altered and units to be overriden from any PC with internet access. A thorough website tracking system keeps a history of the activity of all the users that log in to the website. Different levels of user access ensure the safety of the system by only allowing people that have the correct training and authority to make certain changes to the HVAC digital control system.
System Support
Alarms are raised when temperatures are out of range, loop pumps yield no flow, communication is lost, etc... When alarms are raised, alerts are sent to representatives from Heritage and Climate Control to respond as necessary. In many cases, the situation can be either temporarily or permanently resolved by changing parameters or overriding units using the control system website.